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Aquaculture supplies half of the seafood and fishery products consumed worldwide today and is gaining global significance as a source of healthy food and income.

With the growing world population, the future demand for seafood can only be met by expanded and sustainable aquaculture production. Aquaculture practices are going to become more intensive and will depend increasingly on nutritious and effective feeds comprising superior quality ingredients.

To meet this challenge, Vivaswan — Agro Pharma Pvt. Ltd. provides a wide variety of scientifically formulated and completely balanced nutritional solutions for economically important aquatic species.


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To Feed the Success of the Farmer through Value Enriched Feed.
Inspired by our farmer centric approach, we Identified a variety of raw materials possessing vital nutritional properties, evaluate their proportions needed for a nutritious feed, which translates to the economic wellbeing of the farmers.

Fish farming benefits.

It provides additional source of income to farmers and increases the overall profitability.

It helps in recycling nutrients by using waste produced by fish as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for crops.

It increases the overall food production and provides a source of protein for both the farmer and local community.

It helps in water conservation and improves groundwater level.

It improves soil health by providing organic matter and nutrients to the soil, which can increase soil fertility and productivity.

It helps in reducing the environmental impact of traditional agriculture by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.